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We Create Virtual Worlds, Events and Content


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10 May 2021 in Uncategorised

JVG virtual concert receives the Grand Prix at the Grand One Awards!

2020 was a year when Finland together with the whole world made a huge digital leap. With innovative thinking and digitalisation, when doors close, new doors also open. Luckily digitalisation doesn’t only mean technological solutions, but also new ways to bring joy, light and hope even in tough spots. With the JVG Virtual Gig, the people of Finland could spend the celebration of spring in their homes despite all COVID-19 restrictions. "The virtual concert helped to make May Day celebrations safe in Helsinki and the concert recording and media around it reached half a billion people. We are very happy about this recognition", says Miikka Rosendahl, CEO & Founder of Zoan. We want to thank JVG, The City of Helsinki,…
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Once in a generation, new technology or a change in circumstances creates a new frontier. At that moment a window to the big league opens for newcomers with the skill and the grit to seize it. The founder of Zoan, Miikka Rosendahl saw his window open in 2009 when, on a trip in Wuhan, he was introduced to what was then the state-of-the-art 3D modeling. The company was formed soon after.

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