We Create Virtual Worlds, Events and Content

We Create Virtual Worlds, Events and Content


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19 November 2021 in Use Case

ZOAN is building a virtual office in the metaverse using the Varjo Aero headset

Two pioneering Finnish virtual reality companies partnered up to build a photorealistic metaverse experience. Together with Varjo, the cornerstone of ZOAN's virtual office was set into the digital ground. How the idea of a virtual office turned into a virtual reality ZOAN has worked with virtual technologies for almost ten years now. Over the years, the company has served forward-thinking companies to adapt virtual solutions to create impactful customer experiences. These groundbreaking solutions include virtual worlds, events, and 3D content. In ZOAN, the vision has always been to combine novel technologies with high-quality graphics to generate value for the customers. The recent advances in virtual technologies and the development of the industry ecosystem brought the company closer to the long-time…
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Once in a generation, new technology or a change in circumstances creates a new frontier. At that moment a window to the big league opens for newcomers with the skill and the grit to seize it. The founder of Zoan, Miikka Rosendahl saw his window open in 2009 when, on a trip in Wuhan, he was introduced to what was then the state-of-the-art 3D modeling. The company was formed soon after.

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