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24 March 2021 in Uncategorised

Rock festivals are an endangered tradition – computer games are the new generation experience

Fast-food chains and sports brands offer sponsored activities inside the games, and fashion brands are creating their own avatars and virtual collections, shares Laura Olin. “Oh, how I miss the gigs in Kerubi. The best part was always when it was super crowded, everyone was sweating and the atmosphere was amazing”, my friend from Joensuu started reminiscing during our winter vacation in Northern Karelia. “I know, right? I just wish I’d be in a music festival”, I sighed once again, who knows how many times I had already done that after the pandemic started. Many of us who represent generation X are missing music, gigs, and festivals during these times. Even the sweat and the crowd in the front row.…
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Once in a generation, new technology or a change in circumstances creates a new frontier. At that moment a window to the big league opens for newcomers with the skill and the grit to seize it. The founder of Zoan, Miikka Rosendahl saw his window open in 2009 when, on a trip in Wuhan, he was introduced to what was then the state-of-the-art 3D modeling. The company was formed soon after.

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