A new reality awaits – Enter the photorealistic metaverse

This ambitious dream started as an internal project. The idea was, and still is, to establish our virtual headquarters on Cornerstone.land. But as the island kept growing, so did our visions. Now, we are auctioning 100 unique plots for like-minded forerunners to start building a photorealistic metaverse community together.

Buy land, and join the photorealistic metaverse builders

Cornerstone.land is a volcanic island in the middle of the metaverse where land is auctioned off in NFTs. The plots are stored in Ethereum blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), specifically ERC-721 tokens. Each piece of land is unique and digitally certified by the Ethereum smart contracts. Subscribe to our newsletter on cornerstone.land and be the first to know about the upcoming NFT land drops and progress. 

The virtual island is divided into 100 regions of soil. Each plot is unique in terrain geography, and shape. The size of the land will grow exponentially after the Cornerstone.land volcano erupts once land ownership is 100% complete. Whoever owns land will be granted ownership rights for the expanding region.

When you buy land, you become a Cornerstonian. You gain access to an exclusive community and receive a pre-defined amount of building credits depending on the region size. Once the purchase is verified, you can start designing your metaverse experience and ZOAN will make your dreams come true. 

It wasn’t all a dream

What started as a dream is now becoming a virtual reality. A new virtual frontier without physical boundaries to create experiences like no before. Cornerstone.land is an intersection of creativity, the latest technologies, and like-minded people building their future visions in the virtual realm.

ZOAN’s north star has always been to create new and extraordinary virtual experiences. Our experienced world builders and content creators ensure a high-quality end result, whatever you decide to build.

The community without physical boundaries

ZOAN’s DNA is rooted in virtual technologies to exploit the current and future opportunities in the virtual realm. Go places where no one has been before to stretch the boundaries set by technology and imagination.

We are on the long haul with this. Our vision is to build the world’s first photorealistic metaverse experience that exceeds the current standards. A place for future collaboration, where creativity and technology are united. 

We invite you to join the endeavor to create a new reality beyond our physical boundaries.

A new dawn is around the corner.

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