We are a virtual reality (VR) studio offering experience-based services for
marketing activations, travel, education, and real estate.


We are Pioneers of Virtual and Augmented Reality

A group of Virtual and Augmented Reality pioneers with a wide scope of skill sets. We go after and accomplish things that have never been done in Simulated Reality.

The name

Zoan (Tso`an) is an ancient Hebrew word for a king’s closest servant. Zoan takes this idea of serving our client and makes it one of our core principles. We always want to earn trust, provide value and make our clients look awesome.

Our Purpose

Mind Blowing 3D Models and Simulated Realities

Zoan is a full stack VR studio that creates high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences and real-time 3D Models. Our solutions are based on a technological innovation, such as the unique 3D modeling platform for real estate. Others focus on virtual storytelling and creating powerful experiences and simulated realities for marketing, travel, and education. Our projects are recognized and known for their high visual quality.

The team

ZOAN is based in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Los Angeles and Brazil. We are a growing international team of 31 people. We provide a unique advantage having such a diverse background which gives our projects a cool international twist. Our DNA is to create amazing 3D models, simulated realities and other projects that make our clients shine!

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should
be determined to live for something.”

-Winston S. Churchill

The ZOAN Story

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