Bringing the vision to reality

ZOAN has been trailblazing the virtual domain for almost 12 years now. Over the years, we have served industry-leading companies around the globe and together designed virtual experiences that have left a dent in the universe.

Our DNA is to combine high-quality graphics with the latest technology. We have applied this vision in real estate, entertainment, industrial, culture, and many other domains to shake the traditional conventions.

During the past years, technologies have advanced so rapidly that our long-time dream of establishing a virtual office without physical boundaries started to feel realistic. Not just a dream anymore.

When we were designing our virtual headquarters, we realized that instead of only ZOAN moving in, we should also give other like-minded people the opportunity to establish their virtual frontier in the photorealistic environment.


Even though the pandemic forced the world economy to adapt to remote meetings and organize events virtually, our vision has long been to establish a virtual world.

Years back, ZOAN pioneered by creating a digital twin of the Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland. The digital twin has been since then used multiple times for various purposes, e.g. as a venue for JVG’s May Day virtual concert. The scalability of virtual environments is limitless – once created, they can be used for various purposes.

We felt that now all the correct pieces were in place. Technology, know-how, NFTs that enabled the ownership of virtual assets, and blockchain technology. Moreover, cloud-streaming services like Pixel Streaming enables real-time rendering of high-quality visuals, Unreal Engine 5 improved possibilities to create gamified features and Metahuman technology to create your digital identity in a relatively short time., the world’s first photorealistic metaverse experience started as an internal project and grew into virtual reality.

creative approach

Once we had reached the point, where our virtual headquarters was almost ready, we started to think about incorporating features that others would love.

We knew that Metaverse was a relatively new concept for the majority, even though it was coined already 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash.

We wanted to create a photorealistic metaverse experience – differentiate it from the major platforms that offer pixelated and clunky experiences. According to our years of experience in high-quality projects, we knew that there are people and businesses who appreciate photorealistic environments.

Our vision was clear from the get-go – to combine high-quality graphics with the latest technology. We did not want to make any compromises with the quality.

Partnering up with a new NFT platform startup FUNGI from Finland played a critical role in creating a functioning platform where all the NFTs could be sold safely and under the best protocol of blockchain technology. is a photorealistic metaverse community for creators, developers, brands, and artists to create exceptional experiences for generations to come.

The project is ongoing and the first “Cornerstonians” are starting to move in as we speak. Finland will be known for its photorealistic metaverse creators.

Results website was launched on 31/12/2021, which marked the beginning of the project in the eyes of the public. Since the website launch, we have generated the interest of the global audience from partnerships proposals to investors.

Our first public NFT drop date was 01/02/2022 and we sold out all the 10 NFT land areas available – in less than two hours! This is only the beginning of the photorealistic journey. There will be a total of 100 NFTs available this year and we have already aroused the curiosity of the global audience.

A new reality awaits.

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