Helsinki 3D Tour Experience

World’s first virtual city – Helsinki

Helsinki – the virtual city is an interactive experience that can be explored and visited in VR.

“Virtual tourism is a globally interesting and growing theme. Consumers are increasingly aware of the climate impacts of tourism and are keen to make responsible decisions. Virtual tourism also supports Helsinki’s own goal of being a pioneer in sustainable tourism while reinforcing our reputation as a city that utilizes the latest digital innovations.”

― Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki


What is virtual helsinki?
The experience ”virtual Helsinki – sound of seasons” takes the audience through all the four seasons of the year. The experience starts from Helsinki’s famous landmark, the empire-style senate square and the white church. The tour continues to the home of architect Alvar Aalto, the father of nordic design. Finally you will end up to admire the city skyline and the nature of Lonna island. Visit Virtual Helsinki and read more about the groundbreaking project.

How to visit virtual Helsinki?
Virtual Helsinki is currently available for HTC VIVE, VIVE Cosmos, VIVE Pro, Oculus Rift and for mobile as a YouTube 360 video.

“Helsinki is making the most of its new European capital of smart tourism title”


The Virtual Capital
Virtual city, interactive Helsinki 3D-model can be used for different purposes: tourism, shopping, training, concerts, simulations & virtual citizenship for example.

In the future, there will be v-citizens of Helsinki who can have their home, shop, and participate in activities such as concerts, art exhibitions, and v-games – all in VR.

Virtual Tourism
A virtual tourist might move from present-day to history, visit places that are difficult to access or go shopping in a virtual souvenir store and have the items delivered home through the mail. Virtual tourism will enable fast trips around the world and meeting other tourists and locals, while being the most eco-friendly way to travel.

The future of traveling will happen via virtual reality for many. It can deepen the content of physical experience. The city is based on the present-day but it will also have a futuristic and historical version.

Making Of Virtual Helsinki

ZOAN VRsprint brought together some of the best 3D artists all around the world to polish the virtual Helsinki content to be as realistic as possible.

“By means of virtual tourism, the globe can cope with the gigantic growth of tourism. It also offers a traveling opportunity for billions of people who cannot do it due to financial or physical reasons”

― Miikka Rosendahl, CEO & Founder of ZOAN

Zoan VRSprint

What is it About?

Zoan and City of Helsinki are creating an internationally unique virtual city experience. The project called “Virtual Capital of the World” kicked off in the end of October 2018, when a dozen of top 3D developers arrived to Helsinki. Many game houses, such as Ubisoft, Splash Damage and Cloud Imperium Games, were represented in the international team. The task of the team was to fine-tune the virtual experience and make it as realistic as possible. The final result will be revealed in December at the startup and tech event Slush.

“Helsinki wants to be the city in the world that best capitalises on digitalisation and the city is already a significant centre for startup culture and AR/VR development.”
―Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki

VRSprint Diary

Episode 1
The VRsprint begins! How are the VR developers going to reach the goal of creating the most realistic virtual reality ever seen?

Episode 2
Time to start 3D modeling! Emerson tells how he works with Senate Square. The VRSprint participants also visit Alvar Aalto’s home museum and join the partner evening in Maria 01.

Episode 3
Time to test the Varjo VR headset and start finalizing the work. Participants tell, what they learned during the week, and you also get a sneak peek of Lonna in VR.