Augmented Reality and Augmented Concert Experience

Warner Music & Vesala: Augmented Concert Experience

The Vesala AR appli­ca­tion brings a new kind of con­tent to her fans, as they can access the Vesala vir­tu­al world with their own mobile phone.

The Brief

Warn­er Music Fin­land is a Finnish record label that is a part of the inter­na­tion­al Warn­er Music Group. They rep­re­sent Finnish top artists, such as Vesala, who is a ver­sa­tile artist. The visu­al world forms a great part of the musi­cal expe­ri­ence for her, and she want­ed to make this visu­al world a part of her Hart­wall Are­na con­cert expe­ri­ence. The visu­al world was brought to the con­cert by using aug­ment­ed real­i­ty, and ZOAN was select­ed to cre­ate the AR con­tent togeth­er with Vesala’s team. 

“With this coop­er­a­tion, we aimed to give the Vesala fans a pos­si­bil­i­ty for a deep­er musi­cal expe­ri­ence. Some artists — like Eminem and U2 — have exper­i­ment­ed with AR as a part of music per­for­mances, but in Fin­land, this is some­thing com­plete­ly new. It’s been great work­ing with Vesala, as she is real­ly excit­ed about using new technologies.”
 Lau­ra Olin, CMO / ZOAN

“It’s really exciting to work together with talented developers something that has never been seen in pop music context. What would be a better occasion to try out something crazy than the concert at Hartwall Arena?”

― Vesala

The Result

The AR appli­ca­tion was launched at Vesala’s sold-out Hart­wall Are­na con­cert to deep­en the musi­cal expe­ri­ence. The Vesala AR appli­ca­tion brings new kind of con­tent to her fans, as they can access the Vesala vir­tu­al world with their own mobile phone. The con­tent of the app can be used both indi­vid­u­al­ly and col­lec­tive­ly dur­ing the Hart­wall Are­na concert.

With the app, the user can down­load the elec­tron­ic key­board Vesala uses in her shows. You can place the vir­tu­al key­board in the mid­dle of your liv­ing room and start mix­ing an unre­leased Vesala song. Dur­ing the Hart­wall Are­na con­cert the audi­ence got to be a part of cre­at­ing addi­tion­al effects and dive deep­er into the visu­al world of Vesala. With the app the audi­ence becomes a part of the con­cert, when the smart phones can sync sound and visu­al effects to the songs.

“The absolute­ly best part of the project was the day before the con­cert, in the rehearsal prac­tice – when we saw every­thing work­ing. It was a true learn­ing expe­ri­ence to work with a large pro­duc­tion team that was respon­si­ble for the whole concert.”
– Sami Heinonen, R&D lead