Augmented Reality and Augmented Concert Experience

Warner Music & Vesala: Augmented Concert Experience

The Vesala AR application brings a new kind of content to her fans, as they can access the Vesala virtual world with their own mobile phone.

The Brief

Warner Music Finland is a Finnish record label that is a part of the international Warner Music Group. They represent Finnish top artists, such as Vesala, who is a versatile artist. The visual world forms a great part of the musical experience for her, and she wanted to make this visual world a part of her Hartwall Arena concert experience. The visual world was brought to the concert by using augmented reality, and ZOAN was selected to create the AR content together with Vesala’s team. 

“With this cooperation, we aimed to give the Vesala fans a possibility for a deeper musical experience. Some artists – like Eminem and U2 – have experimented with AR as a part of music performances, but in Finland, this is something completely new. It’s been great working with Vesala, as she is really excited about using new technologies.”
 Laura Olin, CMO / ZOAN

“It’s really exciting to work together with talented developers something that has never been seen in pop music context. What would be a better occasion to try out something crazy than the concert at Hartwall Arena?”

― Vesala

The Result

The AR application was launched at Vesala’s sold-out Hartwall Arena concert to deepen the musical experience. The Vesala AR application brings new kind of content to her fans, as they can access the Vesala virtual world with their own mobile phone. The content of the app can be used both individually and collectively during the Hartwall Arena concert.

With the app, the user can download the electronic keyboard Vesala uses in her shows. You can place the virtual keyboard in the middle of your living room and start mixing an unreleased Vesala song. During the Hartwall Arena concert the audience got to be a part of creating additional effects and dive deeper into the visual world of Vesala. With the app the audience becomes a part of the concert, when the smart phones can sync sound and visual effects to the songs.

“The absolutely best part of the project was the day before the concert, in the rehearsal practice – when we saw everything working. It was a true learning experience to work with a large production team that was responsible for the whole concert.”
– Sami Heinonen, R&D lead