We are pioneers and trailblazers. We don’t settle for market standards but are continually innovating. We are passionate, yet value compassion. We care for those around us and never seek profit at the expense of integrity, respect, and the wellbeing of all persons involved. We live to serve. Zoan, the right hand of the king, is not just the company name, it is the company motto.

The Momentum

At Zoan we are virtual reality natives. We grew up with these technologies, fascinated by the new opportunities for expression and engagement. Today we are just as fascinated by the opportunities for the company. By serving forward-leaning organizations with uncompromising quality, we can earn our place as a premier virtual studio on a global scale.

The Work

Zoan is a full-stack VR studio that creates high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences and real-time 3D Models. Our solutions are based on technological innovations, such as the unique 3D modeling platform for real estate. Others focus on virtual storytelling and creating powerful experiences and simulated realities for marketing, travel, and education. Our projects are recognized and known for their high visual quality.

The Name

Zoan (Tso`an) is an ancient Hebrew word for a king’s closest servant. Zoan takes this idea of serving our client and makes it one of our core principles. We always want to earn trust, provide value and make our clients look awesome.

The History of Zoan

How it all started.


We are constantly looking for the best professionals to work with us, either as freelancers or as employees. Check out our open positions or send out an open application. In case you’d be a great match for us, we’ll contact you. Hope to hear from you soon!

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