Virtualization Strategy as part of your Digital Strategy


Virtualization Strategy as part of your Digital Strategy

Virtualization Strategy

Just as understanding the Internet took time, so will realizing the opportunities of the Metaverse and a digital strategy. A significant competitive advantage is on offer for the quick, yet strategically minded. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you build your own digital strategy with Zoan.

At Zoan we are doers, not talkers. We attack business challenges and solve them by creating prototypes rather than presentations. These prototypes can then be tested among your staff and customers to provide a real-world basis for strategic decision-making and your customized digital strategy.

The many uses of the Metaverse

Before you start designing your presence in the Metaverse, you should explore all possible uses for it. Many customers start their metaverse journey with a digital twin of something that already exists and use it simultaneously for different sectors such as marketing, sales, internal training, and data analytics. Taking your digital presence to a new level in the metaverse, and from pixels (2D) to polygons (3D), will enable you to increase end-user engagement and efficiency of the day-to-day operations.

Virtualization opportunities that we explore in strategy work


  • Revenue enhancement
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Asset Efficiency
  • Process Efficiency
  • Increased Quality
  • Increased Safety
  • Other/qualitative (employee engagement, employer branding…)

Extended Reality (XR) Strategy

The final deliverable is an Extended Reality (XR) strategy illustrating the opportunities a b2b company has, how to utilize them, how much-added value would be created and what is the scale of the implementation process. Along the way, the people involved will get a state-of-art understanding of the XR, what is possible, what’s been done, what is the coolest hardware, software, what is the future of XR.

Virtual Education and Training

Solving problems and figuring out real-life phenomena in a simulated reality are the starting point for virtual learning in the program called Zoan Education. We use various forms of simulated and augmented reality to enable new ways of studying and visualizing the different aspects of education in a virtual world. 

The students are encouraged to take action and make decisions as well as to observe the effects of the actions in simulated reality. This motivates them to study and practice. It is a new tangible and compelling way for the students to see the results and theory realized in a very concrete way.