Two pioneering Finnish virtual reality companies partnered up to build a photorealistic metaverse experience. Together with Varjo, the cornerstone of ZOAN’s virtual office was set into the digital ground.

How the idea of a virtual office turned into a virtual reality

ZOAN has worked with virtual technologies for almost ten years now. Over the years, the company has served forward-thinking companies to adapt virtual solutions to create impactful customer experiences. These groundbreaking solutions include virtual worlds, events, and 3D content.

In ZOAN, the vision has always been to combine novel technologies with high-quality graphics to generate value for the customers. The recent advances in virtual technologies and the development of the industry ecosystem brought the company closer to the long-time dream to establish a seamless digital presence in a virtual world.

The first visions of a virtual office were born when ZOAN’s CEO Miikka Rosendahl put on the first VR headsets (HMDs) available at the time. However, the insufficient performance of the VR devices put the dream on a hold for a while. To wait for the right time.

The long-term vision of the company has been to build a virtual office without physical restrictions. To create a virtual space where the employees can work collaboratively and adopt new design tools. As ZOAN also has branches in Brazil, Japan, the US, and Australia, the virtual office is a symbol of equality for employees and stakeholders to gather together in one space without physical barriers.

In the future, the virtual presence of companies becomes more important as the new platform, metaverse, advances further. In our visions, the metaverse will improve the interoperability of virtual worlds to increase the interaction between people across platforms. This will radically change the way how we collaborate and communicate in virtual spaces.

With the Varjo Aero, the key to the pixel-perfect virtual office made the dream become a reality.

Together with the virtual and mixed reality hardware manufacturer and software developer Varjo, we set the first cornerstone of photorealistic metaverse into the digital ground.

Laying the cornerstone of a photorealistic virtual office with Varjo Aero

Varjo, the manufacturer of virtual and mixed reality HMD’s, started the resolution revolution in 2019, by bringing to market the world’s first human-eye-resolution virtual reality device VR-1. Since then, the company has set the industry standards for professional users in industrial design, engineering, research, healthcare, and training and simulation.

Along with the industry-leading hardware technology, Varjo has developed software to improve industrial collaboration with their Workspace and Teleport VR software solutions. 

Both companies share the same vision for high-quality standards with no compromises. With this philosophical approach in mind, the collaboration came to life quite naturally.

“ZOAN’s extensive experience as virtual content creators made them an ideal partner for early access to our latest VR headset, Varjo Aero. Their attention to detail, and captivating 3D environments, are showcased perfectly with the incredible visual fidelity of the new device. The combination sets a new standard for widely-deployed immersive experiences and paves the way for ambitious projects, such as their metaverse-based HQ, to become a reality.” 

-Jussi Mäkinen, Chief Brand Officer, Varjo

ZOAN got the opportunity to deploy the Varjo Aero, Varjo’s latest virtual reality headset, before its initial global launch in October 2021. In the virtual office design and workflow process, Varjo Aero was a crucial tool. Aero fits perfectly with ZOAN’s workflow to match the high-quality standards to work in the Unreal Engine. Aero enables the designers to have design reviews and inspect all the details of the models in progress in human-eye resolution.

“With Varjo Aero headset, we can check the smallest details from an actual human perspective and quality, which helps us to improve even more the realism of the projects.” 

– Emerson Rosa, Unreal engine specialist, ZOAN

The Varjo Aero incorporates the pinnacle of cutting-edge professional VR technology into a commercially available device. For an SME like Zoan, the price point is within the reach to deploy the device on a larger scale. The performance is outstanding. Aero delivers ultra-crisp 35 PPD visual fidelity via a groundbreaking combination of custom variable-resolution aspheric lenses and rich mini-LED displays. Moreover, the device’s ergonomics and lightweight guarantee that you can wear the device for longer sessions with no problems.

As the future of work and business entities will be built on new platforms and immersive experiences, VR headsets will eventually become more widespread. Hence, the Aero headset is a crucial tool for ZOAN to build the roadmap for the future and design immersive experiences across industries.

We have to go back

The steep dark cliffs, the breaking waves on the shore, and the foggy atmosphere of the ZOAN metaverse island experienced with the Varjo Aero headset is out of this world. Literally. The user can feel the presence while standing on the top floor and looking down at the beach. Once you have experienced the immersiveness with Varjo Aero, you want to go back there. 

A virtual presence in the metaverse enables ZOAN to establish an early footprint in the future platform. The constantly evolving virtual ecosystem presents numerous opportunities for individuals and organizations. The convergence of virtual technologies has come to a point where companies have unprecedented opportunities to design, work and collaborate in virtual environments without physical restrictions.

“We are in the midst of the next wave of virtualization and have already seen early iterations of the metaverse. It will radically change the business landscape by creating transcendent opportunities for organizations. With Varjo Aero, we can take our immersive projects to another level with its industry-leading visual fidelity and start building a photorealistic metaverse today.”

 – Miikka Rosendahl, Founder and CEO, ZOAN

ZOAN has a clear vision of the future landscape. While the construction of the virtual office continues, pieces have started to fall in place. And, of course, the new head office would feel empty without people. Hence, all ZOAN employees are currently unleashing their creativity and designing their virtual personas, metahumans.

Without a great partner, the vision would not have come to life. Varjo Aero is the stepping stone to the photorealistic metaverse and the best tool to make the long-term idea become a reality.

You will hear more from us soon.

Stay tuned.


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